The Turnaround Agenda

"I'm happy to compromise, as long as I get to be king."

Illinois Needs to be Business Friendly

Business Friendly sounds so good! Like you have to be smiling when you say it! With an exclamation point in your voice! Who wants to be unfriendly? That sounds so mean. Boo on the grumpy pants who want to make Illinois unfriendly!

Here's what Bruce means by business friendly:

  • Dismantle collective bargaining. That means people get paid the least amount of money possible. It's so much friendlier for a company to deal with people one at a time. It's so much easier to take advantage of people that way.

  • Create "right to work" zones. What Bruce really means: the right to work for really crappy pay. That means business owners get to keep more of the money from other people's work. That's what I call friendly!

  • Term limits. Sure, everybody takes turns. That's only fair! Translation: It's the only way to get Speaker Madigan to leave. Madigan won't let Bruce have any fun. That's just not friendly.

Budget Proposal

This is the best part. Bruce is offering choices to the Democrats. They can all quit their jobs and go home, and take the unions with them. OR... they can give Bruce unilateral power to do whatever he wants with the budget. What a sweet deal! Not just one option, but two. That's what I call compromise.